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January 2019 National Alzheimer Awareness Month

At their Regular Meeting held Wednesday, January 9, 2019 Council proclaimed January as National Alzheimer Awareness month in the Municipality of Tweed. 

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month in Canada and this year, Alzheimer Societies across the country are encouraging Canadians to think about the 72%. 

Who are the 72%? You may not realize it, but women represent 72% of all Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease. That’s because women live longer than men so there are more of them with this form of dementia, and age continues to be a significant risk factor. 

Do you think memory loss is the only warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias? That’s what most people believe but there are nine other signs which are often misunderstood or ignored. Recognizing the signs as soon as possible is critical for getting the treatment and support you need to live well with the disease and start planning for the future. 

Know the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer Disease.