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Equity and Inclusion Assessment Survey

Diversity, equity and inclusion are three words that have greater importance than the sum of their parts. It captures the culture of any community in managing a diverse community that feels included and has equal opportunities to succeed.

Several municipalities within Hastings County are looking to establish an Equity and Inclusion Policy that addresses inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of public service. An Equity and Inclusion Policy will allow your municipality to close the gap between what your municipality does to provide programs, services and opportunities for stakeholders and how some communities, organizations and individuals experience the municipality's programs, services and opportunities. An Equity and Inclusion Policy will help guide the municipality in improving and increasing civic participation and community belongingness.

Data collected will be used to help identify priorities for improving community inclusion to understand and respond to the needs and aspirations of the increasingly diverse population, recognize and engage the skills, experience and knowledge of all residents, create policies, programs and services that address systemic barriers and attract, promote and retain a talented workforce.

To make the right decisions requires the right data. The Ontario Human Rights Code creates positive obligations to address systemic barriers. Collection of data and using that data to building proactive municipal services and programs to address gaps in representation is a way to meet this obligation. By completing this survey, you will be providing the municipality the necessary data.

All responses will be anonymous.

The survey can be accessed online at https://portal.laserfiche.ca/r2550/fo... or paper copies can be acquired from the municipal offices of Township of Madoc, Municipality of Marmora and Lake, Township of Stirling-Rawdon, Municipality of Tweed and Township of Wollaston. Paper copies can be brought to one of these municipal offices and dropped off or e-mailed to info@tweed.ca.

This survey will be open until midnight on June 3, 2022.