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Gypsy Moth Resources

The Province of Ontario has a complete Gypsy Moth summary and information page online.  The page provides a summary of the effects that Gypsy Moths can have on parks, outdoor spaces, foliage, and forests.  The page also provides sample control mechanisms that can be used to control the Gypsy Moth Population.   You can access the page by visiting the following link.

Hastings County has launched a Gypsy Moth Tracker online.   This interactive map highlights areas of recent Gypsy Moth infestation in the communities within the County of Hastings.  Participatory mapping by landowners allows the community to become actively involved in documenting areas of Gypsy Moth activity.  This information will assist in the advocacy for assistance with future gypsy moth infestations.

In addition to the above information, the Ontario Centre for Defoliator Control is now taking applications to begin mapping property for the 2022 Gypsy Moth program.  Interested residents should use the online form to place themselves in the queue for next season.