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Healthy Communities Partnership Wants To Hear From You

Building on the successful release of Building Complete and Sustainable Communities: Healthy Policies for Official Plans, the Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Healthy Communities Partnership is conducting a situational assessment related to healthy eating and active living in Hastings & Prince Edward counties.

The purpose of the project is to learn about current community attitudes and policy improvements that are important to both residents and stakeholders related to local, accessible, and affordable health foods, active transportation and recreation.  The situational assessment will provide an update to healthy eating and active living information in Hastings & Prince Edward counties, supplementing the Community Picture completed in February 2011.

The Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Healthy Communities Partnership invites community stakeholders (e.g. municipal and community organization representatives) to participate in a survey.  The survey will help to better understand community stakeholders' beliefs and attitudes around policies that support healthy eating (e.g. the ability to obtain fruit and vegetables) and active living (e.g. being able to walk and cycle). 

Information that you provide will be used by the partnership to determine how ready the community is to take action on an issue.

Please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HPECStakeholder to participate in the survey.  The survey should take no more than 7 minutes to complete.

For more information you may contact Sari Liem, 416-229-4647