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Improving Cell Service

As part of the EORN Cell Gap Project, EORN's partner, Rogers Communications, will be building new tower sites across the region. They are looking for properties where land could be leased for the construction of a tower. The selection, negotiation, contracting and construction of the location of cell towers is the exclusive responsibility of Rogers Communications. EORN plays no role in the process other than to forward the contact information from interested parties to Rogers.

The majority of towers will be 90 metres in height and have supporting guy wires. The minimum space required for the tower footprint is 150 metres by 150 metres. Proximity to road and electrical power are important for selection.

EORN is in the process of determining the best locations for new towers. If you are interested in speaking to someone about the possibility of having a new tower built on your land, please complete this form or reach out to Rogers' National Real Estate Director:

Alana Marinhas


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