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Storm Update - July 26th

The Municipality of Tweed emergency control group continues to meet to coordinate response to the tornado that touched down.

The Reception Centre will be open at the Library today until 8:00 pm, where residents can get bottled water and food if needed. We are asking affected residents to register at the Reception Centre so Municipal staff have a better picture of the affected area. You can also call the Municipality to register, at 613-478-2535 or the Reception Centre (not the Library) at 613-920-5817.

Community Care for Central Hastings is offering various types of support to community members, such as meals and transportation. Affected residents can call them at 613-478-2224 ext 0

Hydro One and Public Works crews are still out working in the area. Everyone is asked to please avoid the affected areas, so as not to interfere with the restoration efforts. Information about power restoration can be found on the Hydro One Storm Centre App at hydroone.com

If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Office at 613-478-2535