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Turcotte Rd - Restricted Access- Local Traffic Only

Attention Tweed residents and property owners in the vicinity of Turcotte Road. We regret to inform you that a significant washout occurred last night approximately 1.5 kilometers in from Otter Creek Road. Here are the details:

Location: Turcotte Road, near Otter Creek Road

Impact: Turcotte Road is a dead-end road, serving as the sole access point for 20 to 23 properties with structures.

Temporary Measures: We have managed to secure one lane for local traffic. Please exercise caution and adhere to the traffic signage.

Road Closure: Turcotte Road is restricted to local traffic only until further notice.

Our dedicated staff has been working tirelessly to address the critical situation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time. Rest assured, we are working diligently to restore Turcotte Road to safe and reliable conditions. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for further updates.