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Hawkins Bay Bridge Closure

In accordance with the Public Transportation Highway Improvement Act, Ontario Regulation 104/97, Municipalities are required to have the structural integrity, safety and condition of every bridge determined through the performance of at least one inspection every second calendar year under the direction of a professional engineer and in accordance with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual. 

The Municipality of Tweed carried out its last bridge study in 2016.  The recommendation at that time was for the Hawkins Bay Bridge to undergo major rehabilitation within the next 1 to 5 years.  The 5-year capital plan of the Municipality incorporated these recommendations subject to funding opportunities and other emergencies as may occur from time to time.  While completing the 2018 Bridge Study at this time, the Engineers found significant deterioration to the steel stringers and wooden deck compared to the 2016 study and recommended the immediate closure of the Bridge.   The residents in the area have been provided with alternate access to their property.  Council had a meeting with the Engineers and are considering their options to resolve this matter.

The Municipality of Tweed owns and maintains fifty-two (52) bridges/culverts, many of which are in need of repair/replacement at costs that far exceed their annual operating budget.