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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer:  Fearnley Davies
Tweed Animal Shelter (Quinte Humane Society):  613-968-4673
Location:  527 Avonlough Road Belleville, ON

Have you ever considered adopting a pet?
Contact the Tweed Animal Shelter at 613-478-3547 for more information.

Quinte Humane Society is the Pound Keeper for the Municipality of Tweed.  If your dog is lost please contact Quinte Humane Society at 613-968-4673.

Quinte Lost Dog Network:

Rabies Prevention:

Click here for more information from the Health Unit about reporting suspected rabies exposures.
Click here for the mandatory reporting form for animal biting/scratching incidents.

For more information please contact Environmental Health at the Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit at 613-966-5513, Ext. 677.

Click here for the Health Unit website.


Municipality of Tweed By-Law No. 2014-07 sets out the provisions for the licencing and regulating of dogs. The by-law outlines the regulations and fees for licencing dogs, the regulations for keeping of dogs, and the penalties for non-compliance with the by-law provisions.

A complete copy of this by-law is available on the By-Laws page of this website; from the Municipal Office; or from the Animal Control Officer.  For more information please contact the Animal Control Officer at 613-478-3547.



  • Buy your dog tag after January 2 each year for $15.00 each.  After April 1 the cost goes up to $45.00 each.
  • Dog licences expire December 31 each year.
  • At the time of registration information about both the owner and the dog will be required.
  • A record of dog tags is kept to make it easier to locate the owner of a lost dog.
  • The dog tag must be securely fixed on the dog at all times.
  • If a tag becomes lost or the information on it wears off a replacement tag can be obtained from the Municipal Office.


Annual dog tags are mandatory and are available at the municipal office at a cost of $15.00 each starting January 2 each year.
After April 1 each year this cost increases to $45.00 each.
After April 1 each year the Animal Control Officer commences a door-to-door canvas throughout the municipality for the purpose of selling dog tags.


Annual kennel licences are also mandatory and must be obtained directly from our Animal Control Officer through the Tweed Animal Shelter. The owner of a kennel of purebred dogs or non-purebred dogs is required to pay an annual fee of $100.00. Kennel licences are available January 2 each year and expire December 31 each year. After April 1 the cost goes up to $150.00. The Animal Control Officer issues all kennel licences.


The Municipality of Tweed has no current by-law setting out the provisions for the licencing and regulating of cats.

Residents are urged to contact the Quinte Humane Society at 613-968-4673.  Click here to access the Contact page of their website for more information about the Quinte Humane Society such as hours of operation, location, directions, and email address.