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Commissioner of Oaths

By virtue of their office, Clerks, Deputy Clerks and Treasurers may act as a Commissioner of Oaths.  A Commissioner of Oaths is empowered under provincial legislation to administer and witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations in the taking of an affidavit for any potential legal matter.  It is at the exclusive discretion of the individual Commissioner of Oaths whether or not they choose to sign the document.  The Commissioner of Oaths may refuse to sign the document and will refer you to a lawyer.

Please note we cannot act as a Notary Public.  Law firms or a Justice of the Peace may assist you in this regard.

If you are seeking these services you must visit the Municipal Clerk's Office in person during regular business hours.  Please provide valid photo identification to have your signature witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths.  Do not sign the document before arriving as the Commissioner of Oaths must see you sign it in order to be your witness.

While an appointment is not required, we recommend that if you are travelling from a distance, you contact our office in advance at 613-478-2535 or toll free at 1-833-478-5818 to ensure that a Commissioner of Oaths will be available.

Common documents we can witness include:
* Consent letters for children travelling out of the country
* Vehicle transfers
* Immunization exemptions
* Insurance claim forms
* Foreign pension or life pension statements

Examples of documents we cannot witness include:
* Wills
* Power of attorney documents
* Divorce papers or separation agreements
* Real estate documents, including transfer of land

In general the form you are requiring to be witnessed will indicate that it can be sworn or affirmed before a Commissioner of Oaths.