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Our Environment

The use of clear bags for waste disposal commences July 1st in the Municipality of Tweed.  To find out why click here.

From 2008-2010 the Municipality of Tweed and its Citizens created 'A New Direction: Our Citizens' Vision for an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan(ICSP).  The ICSP was designed to represent a leap in the future, and identify visions, values, goals, and proposed actions from all parts of the community.  The document was based on the concept of sustainable development, defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future. The underlying structure of sustainable development and the ICSP is based on four pillars (Environment, Economic, Social, Cultural). 

Links/Resources to help sustain our natural environment: 

              Stoco sunrise  quinte conservation

               Friends of Stoco Lake (FOSL)              Water Wise Tips                      Quinte Conservation


                      Conserving Water                       Education Programs          Drinking Water Source Protection

                    Protecting Watersheds               Permits and Applications          Quinte Conservation Videos




                    Quinte Waste Solutions                   Recycling Tips            Recycling / Garbage Schedule - Tweed

               composting lake ontario waterkeeper
         Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste     Composting Information    Lake Ontario Waterkeeper - Quinte Region


              hastings stewardship council OMNR 
                Hastings Stewardship Council            

              Tweed Memorial IMG_7927
 environment canada
Parks and Protected Areas       Understanding Climate Change          Environment Canada


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  Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators  Environment Canada's Sustainable Development Strategy  Energy Efficiency in Canada


        Landowner Tools - Resources for land owners Ontario Stewardship Rangers        Demo Projects - Stewardship Canada

Blue Green Algae Facts   Blue Green Algae Backgrounder