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Download the plan here

This is the first three-year Plan for safety and well-being in Central Hastings, Ontario. It results from a planning process that will be renewed in 2024, and every three years thereafter. While the broad goals of safety and well-being will remain constant for our Councils and subsequent ones, we know that the risk factors that can threaten those goals will change over time. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant and responsive to the fluctuations of the ever-changing environment.
This first edition of a safety and well-being plan shines a light on six risk factors. Where safety is concerned, they include: domestic disturbances and family disputes and property damage. Where well-being is concerned, they include: addictions, mental health, housing and poverty.
The heart of this Plan is a collaborative process for tackling these community problems. Many agencies and professionals in Hastings County have been tackling symptoms of these problems for years. Our plan is designed to derive the value of added collaboration built on a foundation of all of that experience.
This is nothing short of a community-wide initiative. All government offices, human and social service agencies, community-based organizations, businesses, residents and visitors will be called upon to contribute to these collective goals through focused teamwork.
The Central Hastings Municipal Councils will monitor, engage and support all partners in order to turn our Community Safety and Well-Being Plan into a reality for the entire Central Hastings community.