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2023 Tax Rates 

Interim Tax Bill:

The 2023 Interim Tax Bills are due in two installments -

  • Interim bill amount is 50% of the previous year's taxes.
  • March 30th and June 30th
  • Bills mailed - March 1st

Final Tax Bill:

The 2023 Final Tax Bills are due in two installments -

  • September 30th and November 30th
  • Bills mailed - September 1st

Hastings county tax relief program

Low-income homeowners in the County of Hastings who meet certain criteria, and whose property taxes have increased over the previous year, may apply for a tax reduction of up to $250 against an eligible increase.

This program has been established under Section 319 of the Municipal Act, 2001 and is open to residential property owners who are, or whose spouse is:

  • 65 years of age or older and eligible for support under the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) program or Ontario Works; or
  • A disabled person of any age who is eligible for benefits under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

The subject property must be the primary residence of the applicant. No relief can be granted for properties used on a seasonal or occasional basis, that are tenanted or are otherwise used for a purpose other than the owner’s primary residence. More information can be found within the following link.

How your tax bill is calculated:

The province decides how much must be raised for education through property taxes.

County decides how much must be raised to pay for services provided by the County.

Tweed Council decides how much is needed to pay for local municipal services.

A series of tax rates are set for various types of property (residential, commercial, etc.)

The tax rate is applied to the assessed value of the property to calculate the final tax bill.

To calculate your taxes:

Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Total Taxes

For example, if your private home was assessed at $240,000, your tax bill would be:

$2,739.58 x .0114149 = $2,739.58


Taxes collected by the Municipality of Tweed are distributed to three areas (figures are approximately):

  • 59.43 percent to the Municipality of Tweed to pay for all local municipal services such as road maintenance, parks, recreation services, library, fire, planning, etc.
  • 26.12 percent to the County of Hastings to pay for county services such as social services, emergency services, long term care, etc.
  • 14.45 percent to the Province of Ontario, specifically for education.

The County and Province each set their own budgets, while Tweed Council sets the local municipal budget. The total requirements are combined to calculate your tax bill.

About MY Property (mpac) portal

You can learn more about the assessment of your property by visiting the MPAC property portal and registering for an account.  The About my Property portal can be used to compare properties similar to yours, and help you to better understand how MPAC assigns property value. 

You can access the portal at the following link: MPAC About My Property Portal 

Update your school support through MPAC at this link: