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Thursday Dec. 3 - 2020
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Important Notice:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic certain restrictions have been put into place for public planning meetings.  Please read and follow the instructions provided.  Be prepared to provide your name, full address and email when requested to do so.

Notice of the Passing of Zoning By-law No. 2020-56 for Zoning Amendment ZA10/20

Notice of Application and Notice of Public Meeting for Zoning Amendment ZA9/20

Notice of Passing of Comprehensive Zoning By-Law No. 2012-30 - Zoning By-Law for Municipality of Tweed

Under the Planning Act, Municipalities are required to circulate planning applications to appropriate agencies for review.  Quinte Conservation is one such authority.  Review of planning applications by Quinte Conservation is subject to Planning Fees.  For more information and a list of applicable fees click here.