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Heard of the Ontario East or Hastings Advantage?  The first part refers to our proximety to three of Canada's largest metropolitan markets.  The Map below shows that Hastings County is located at the centre of Canada's "golden triangle” between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and Tweed is in the Centre of it all!  

Tweed Location

 The second part refers to the quality of life in Hastings County.  You don't have to struggle with the hustle and bustle of big city congestion when modern communication technologies bring you just seconds to work and minutes to the cottage.  You wont be far from the city while enjoying our fresh air, natural beauty, arts, culture, and creative economy.

The Martin Prosperity Institute reports that Toronto is the nerve centre of a mega-region stretching from Buffalo to Quebec City, with $530-billion in economic activity (largest in Canada, 12th in the world)! They identify that this geographic positon presents tremendous mega-region trading opportunies in the new creative economy (Click here to learn about Canada's Creative Corridor)