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Quality of Place

Creative Entrepreneurs are attracted to our community because we have a great place to live:

You have access to the Outdoors: 
The Great Outdoors

Parks & Conservation Areas

Lakes and Rivers


Arts,  Culture and Heritage 
We are proud of being part of a region rich in culture, heritage and talented artisans. 

Learn about our Arts, Culture, and Heritage

Learn about our Cultural Plan

Four Distinct Seasons
In Tweed we still have four distinct seasons for people to enjoy!

The busy summer months welcome visitors and seasonal residents as they come to enjoy the peace and quite, as well as the adventure of our outdoors, our many
festivals and events, and cottaging or camping on the vast number of lakes and rivers, with the opportunity to still participate in sports and recreation

In fall you will enjoy the gently rolling countyside as it transforms to autumn's glory.  Community dinners, arts tours, and live music celebrate the harvest and our cultural livestyles.  Residents are often busy hunting, fishing, and ATV riding. 

With winter comes snow and ice, which is great for those that enjoy riding the snowmobile trails, have ice fishing huts, and of course play hockey and/or curling.

We then welcome the new life and sounds of spring, as flowers begin to bloom, sap starts to run from the maple trees the weather turns nice and Tweed bursts to life!

Something special all throughout the year!

Sports and Recreation

Regardless of age or gender there is a wide variety of sports and recreational activies to mantain a healthy active lifestyle:

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