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Flood Outlook Statement Update - April 1

Quinte Conservation has issued a Flood Outlook Statement due to heavy rain. Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “Flows in our river systems are still a little high and will get higher between now and early next week.”
McClure adds, “Water levels could get higher than they have so far this season. The smaller creeks and streams in our watershed will respond very quickly to this rain. People can expect to see ponding water in low lying areas. Urban areas may experience drainage issues.”
Quinte Conservation staff will be monitoring conditions closely. The public can keep up to date on flooding information by visiting www.quinteconservation.ca or following @quinteca on Twitter.
Water levels continue to increase on the Moira, Skootamatta, and Black River. Water levels are expected to increase through the weekend and into next week.
Sand and sandbags are available for residents at the Stoco Works garage on the Marlbank road, the Quanset building behind the library in Tweed, and the Actinolite Shop beside the Actinolite Community Centre.
Some rural roads have localized flooding and residents should be extra cautious and pay attention to signs. A road may look safe at present but can quickly wash away with the amount of water that is running over them.
For information on flood preparedness please visit http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/cnt/hzd/flds-en.aspx